Rudiments of Interior Design and Interior rendering of the Architectural services

Posted on : Nov 07, 2019

It takes strong commitment and continual adaptation to ever changing market and technology trends to become not only an early adopter but an industry stalwart to be looked upon. With our 15 years of experience in outsource architectural services and outsource CAD services today industry followers look upon us as an undisputed knowledge bank for CAD and Rendering services.

Under this article we would like to share the key rudiments of interior design and interior rendering service we offer to our esteemed global clients under outsource architectural service and outsource CAD service. First and most important element of interior design and interior rendering we consider is the proper lighting and illumination could be from the multiple sources like spot light, overhead fixtures and the day light sources. Our trained and highly skilled designers visualise camera setups and light sources while working day in and out on such projects to ensure light exposure not only makes the interior design looks real and appealing but also engaging amongst target audience.

At C-Design, after proper lighting setup we consider selection of proper surface materials as one of the most critical factor for an appealing interior design under our outsource architectural service and outsource CAD services. Once we are confident of lighting and surface material selection, next important thing to be considered in interior design is proper selection of furnishing. Many a times it happens that we had to convert 2D drawing to 3D models to showcase appealing interior design and interior renders.