Motion Graphics And Its Essentials

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Motion graphics is an ever-increasing industry. Just as the software it’s shaped which is getting inexpensive and more available, so is the enthusiasm of artists to create even greater pieces of work. From TV commercials to the introduction of a new movie, great motion graphics can be seen just about anywhere. In order to have great motion graphics, follow all these points. They are pieces of digital footage or animation which create the illusion of motion or rotation and are usually united with audio for use in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are usually showed via electronic media technology but may also be displayed via manual powered technology.

Vignettes are used almost everywhere one can look to focus attention whether it’s in motion graphics, colour grading ,video games etc. It can be easily be made by creating a dark solid with an inverted circular mask then feathering the mask and adjusting with the capacity.

Color grading is an business unto itself but altering the color to the right feel for your titles goes a long way. There’re a millions ways to do this in after Effects whether just making some curves effects, adding a colour touch effect, overlaying some color solids or using 3rd party plugins.

Background Movement They’re called “motion graphics” Any sort of program in the background generally makes them more interesting to look at. There are lots of ways to add background movement.

Graph Editor:- Basically an animated a property like position, change the key frames to “easy ease” key frames” and go into the graph editor and then move one of the Bezier handles for the key frames all the way to the other side, this will either make the animation super-fast then slow, or slow and then fast.

Gradients:- At the most simple initial level making backgrounds and text not completely uniform in color adds a bit of depth and shape. A radial gradient ramp is one simple way to do this. Basically, avoid making the graphics look “flat” unless it’s an aesthetic choice for something like an info graphic.

Motion Blurr :- Just make sure the sampling is set high enough so that you don’t see gross looking “steps” in the motion blur. Or set the shutter to a different angle. The lower the shutter angle, the less motion blurr

Use 2d elements

Sometimes you see motion graphics that include 3D elements for advanced projects. It can be costly and time consuming to accomplish this with an average budget. It’s going to be better served compiling a library of 2D elements to create your motion graphics with. They save time in rendering and allows to be more creative and flexible.