Meaning Of Walkthrough Rendering And Tips On Efficient Rendering

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

With the help of walkthrough rendering, one can understand any type of fancy ideas through images. In this type of technology, 2d or 3d images can be generated from the models with the help of application programmes. Renderings are used in video games, animated movies, architectural designs and visualisation.

Real time rendering-Such type of rendering is used in gaming and interactive graphics. Images can be created at high speed and with high user interaction

Pre rendering –In such techniques, images calculations are done with the help of multi -core processing units and also speed is not a concern in it. Here photorealism comes to the highest level.

Following are most important tips of lighting and rendering for 3d max

1) Make TEST renders-While making test renders, always lowers shadow, glossiness, global illumination and reflection quality and keep subdivision values at a reasonable position.

2) Make huge scenes-Divide scenes into different areas and save them in different 3d max file then render them all together.

3) Organize your project-3d max is animation and rendering tool for 3d architectural concept plans,3d modeling enthusiast and game artists.3D max is having a built-in tool for making projects content. Then make sure to reset your scenes and try to generate a new location for your project. So that all path including previews, textures and export of meshes will get set in properly named folders.

4) Add background with bounce colours-When we add extra bounce colours or global illumination to our characters then it gets reflected as natural bounce lighting. Once you add bounce lights to characters then it gets reflected in a warm tone like red or pink colours which gives skin as tinted indirect light impact. For e.g.:- Near plants or vegetables, green bounce looks natural.

5) Focus more on eye lighting –Eyes plays a most important role as they are considered as the center of attention and that’s only influencing way through which characters expresses themselves. Eye highlights make characters more alive and without highlights they look unnatural. Also, iris plays additionally important role as it provides depth and colour behind the cornea. One of the most promising ways of highlights is along the key side edge of the iris. However, if your lights are not providing proper highlights then additional specular lights can be added for eye highlights.

6) Never ignore spill light-A spill light provides light from same direction or position which provides softness to the overall key image which makes rendering more natural. For e.g. During sunset, the sun looks yellow but the spill makes it red or orange. Spill light many times doesn’t light whole face but provides more shaping and visibility to the whole character.