Expert Tips For Custom Bobble Heads

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

As the term bobble heads sounds, it represent a noodle where head is often oversized its whole boy and it’s connected by hook or spring .Generally such attachment often creates head to bobble with a slight tap. They are generally considered as a small gift which usually represents animals, companies, people or any events. Nowadays many bobble heads vendors have turned out to be eCommerce companies without any physical store and that why for the first timers it becomes difficult to shop for it .Consumers need to take care about inferior quality, hidden cost or any other type of discrepancies during purchasing such products.,

At C-design we have team of bobble head artisans and designers who help us to create 1000 of animated bobble head. Even we can convert any preferred head shots into bouncy headline figurine with 3d’s magic. Such type of bobble heads is ideal ways of gifting in corporate and also for social events. Bobble heads are very much useful in promotions as well as to create an impact for an event, advertisement or a campaign. Brands can use amusing custom bobble head toys for promotional purposes. Brands, marketers, advertising professionals, event organisers and manufacturers of bobble heads can outsource the designing of bobble heads to C-Design.

When it comes to customers we always make sure to assist our customers them in possible manner .Following are most relevant points which helps them in purchase making decision :-

  • Initially it’s very much important to choose right physical stature so as to determine whether its custom bobble heads or simple bobble heads. There are many options available in custom bobble heads which gives numerous options to design from head to feet but in simple bobble head it’s simply standard body which takes form of certain models.
  • Next important point is to think about base which is most crucial aspect on which our bobble head will stands out .Pricing depends on the level of base customisation whether with larger or smaller base or even lettering name on the base will certainly cost accordingly.
  • Thirdly it’s highly important to see for material used .Like whether its polymer resin or polymer clay. Although polymer resin is considered as best and most suitable materials while making of bobble heads as it give more detailed and neatness in the design aspect of it. But unfortunately many companies end up making with clay which is more fragile and generally found to be much cheaper as compared to polymer resins.
  • Use accessories or props with your bobble heads-Adding accessories and pros makes you bobble head stand out from others. It could be adding hats, glasses, and necklaces or making tattoos. Additionally it’s equally essential to think about proofing charges as customers sometime deny, approve or even want last minute changes, thus its essential to understand it before making purchases. Also required to keep proofing process totally interactive and user oriented.
  • Cost for extra copies- Many times bobble heads requirements are in bulk. Hence its quite important to know additional charges for it if they are applicable.