Different application of BIM Technology

Posted on : Dec 24, 2020

In today’s time, the Construction industry is changing drastically due to digital transformation. Many factors like digitalis designing tools, computer-oriented fabrication, etc create crucial digital transformation. Thus latest technology BIM helps in creating 3-dimensional digital building models for architects, suppliers, managers, clients, etc. It plays an active role right from concept, construction till demolition. The major benefits of BIM technology creates lesser wastage, reduces extra cost, eliminates wastage or any irrelevant unnecessary work, etc. Below mentioned points discussed how BIM technology application helps to optimise the construction industry:-

A) Better coordination with MEP systems-The major MEP disciplines includes – architecture, MEP and structure all simultaneously intricate together so as to help in early detection of external and internal clashes. This helps in saving time, reduces rework, and minimises cost factor.

B) Early clash detection and timeline inconsistency-BIM technology helps in visualising any particular activity within decided time and cost factors. Therefore time-based clashes can be minimised which helps in creating all major and minor construction activities and operation totally glitch-free. Therefore engaged users of BIM technology observe that it reduces material waste, irrelevant rework, reduces risk, creates higher ROI and productivity level.

At C-Design, we require inputs from the client’s side in form of CAD drawings, rough ideas, images in any format, 2D files, PDF images, hand-drawn sketches so that output PDF files, 2D or 3D Revit files can be offered at competitive rates. BIM software proves to be valuable not only to designing engineers but also for consultants, construction builders, cost management, and project management fields.