Role of Interior and Exterior rendering in the Architectural Industry

Posted on : Feb 06, 2020

3D Rendering is considered an important part of visualisation and that’s why it has changed the design paradigm in the AEC industry. Through architectural rendering services, one can visualise ideas in a better way and this helps in understanding projects more clearly. Therefore visualisation is always considered an important subject in the architectural world through which architects and construction planner can very well explain their ideas in a comprehensible way. Architectural visualisation will give its onlooker brief knowledge about the structure before its actual construction begins.

3D rendering is defined as a graphical demonstration of the 3D model or related structures through computer animation. With the technological advancement, there are many software available in the market through which designers or architects can create intricate illustrations and thereby can create a photorealistic view of the interior and exterior rendering of the proposed building for clients or contractors.  

Following below mentioned are major benefits of construction rendering and architectural visualization:

A)Imagine your building before construction starts-  With the help of 3D interior and exterior rendering, different elements like aesthetics, light effects, textures ventilation, etc can be designed so that clients can feel life-like descriptions through it. Clients can very well understand future projects look in a better way where construction buildings can be seen with full detailing, functionality, appearance, and functionality as compared to the vacant land plot without any detailing work. Even they can view the building from different angles, surrounding, and landscape, better interiors look after finishing and thus the final look of their projects. This even reduces confusion in the minds of your clients’ about the final look of the construction project; all you need is effective rendering so as to create real-life replica of interior and exterior elements

B)It can be experienced globally-Even if you are in any corner of the world, still because of digital renders; one can get a global level chance to showcase their construction project with interior and exterior renders to their customers and clients and thereby can get chance to win the construction bid. As compared to traditional sketch/Blueprint, 3D rendering allows your clients to visualize different walkthroughs and designs from multiple angles and perspectives and thus can get a better idea about their building and its related features.

C) Reduces Time and money-In 3D rendering services, you can convert the file into readable format within the software and thereby can share designs with your clients. However, if any changes are required then edit work can be easily done and models can be changed as per their requirements. This not only reduces time factor but also reduces cost factor because making changes in the regular file is inexpensive as compared to generating and reworking a construction building

D) Ideal for marketing-In today’s architectural world, 3D rendering of interiors and exteriors is considered as the latest technology that can win your ticket in such a cut-throat competitive environment. Showcasing your creativity in front of clients through 3D renders in form of presentation may give you a winning edge and put your proposal in the driving seat.

E) Showcase minute details-Through 3D Interior and exterior rendering; minute details of the room by room can be highlighted like finishes, colors, textures, door and windows, materials, roofing types, interior trim, illuminating effects of natural light in the different room, etc can also be seen through it.

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