Posted on : Apr 12, 2021

In this competitive world of the volatile business world, furniture manufacturers must try to remain innovative, exclusive and differentiate themselves from other players in the market. As per today’s market situation, product personalization varies from different materials, design, color and surface finish. Also, today’s marketing strategies need better technology and greater collaboration with different stakeholders like architects, clients, developers, designers, etc. Below mentioned are some of the issues faced by furniture manufacturers using 2D drawings:-

A) Lack of expert trainers

B) Absence of right opportunities to collaborate

c) Standardization issues

d) Absence of BOM, BOQ and coordination issues

In Today’s time, the furniture industries are shifting from Auto CAD to Auto Revit because of the numerous benefits offered by this technology. Popularly known as Revit families creation helps in exploring different products online without visiting physical stores. Revit family creation is all about different product categories under a familiar set of properties and graphical representation. However, Furniture manufacturer uses Revit family creation software for 3D interactive product visualization for different designers, architects, or clients.

At C-DESIGN, we provide effective and efficient Revit Families Creation as a powerful marketing tool for various furniture manufacturers so as to display their products in 3D Views. We provide our clients with 3D visualization and detailed display facilities so that they can custom their products more effectively in the business market.