Revit should be part of Architectural learning curriculum

Posted on : Nov 28, 2019

In our more than a decade of experience since our inception with outsource architectural service in the year 2005, we have witnessed number of trends shifts when it comes to architecture and design.At C-DESIGN, our experienced and well trained team of architectural service is very well exposed of working with both fresher in this field and global known names in this space.

We strongly believe and recommend that Architectural colleges should include Revit as the part of the curriculum. We also understand that learning this tool won’t ensure that a student is an architect but yes by learning Revit as the part of the curriculum along with other important subjects of Architecture would definitely make student future ready and would make him/her a better prepared architect.

Structured project based learning approach with the real world experience of creating detailed sections and 3D models which would include working and designing elements like windows, walls, floors and doors in a plan and 3D view would then lead to working on more complex heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. With the changing trends of architectural service and most of the marketplaces moving towards more sophisticated Building Information Modeling (BIM). Revit could be a good entry point for students to get a completed understanding of BIM as a concept and methodology.