Revit Model And Their Families-Outsource Architecture

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Throughout the world auto desk Revit architecture has become very popular BIM (Building information Modeling) software tools and as it works very well so most of all users go for this program. Now a day’s Revit is very much essentials for any architectural professionals but there are certain factors which work as barrier for these professionals like :-

Absence of knowledge: New user don’t have practical knowledge about how to put a building together. Also because of transition from AutoCAD to Revit, user were so used to AutoCAD’s fast redraws, quick drawing methods and typed commands that it become quite hard to change it. AutoCAD was from 1986 and it becomes popular as a standard for CAD(computer aided design)used in the AEC industry before the advent of BIM software. Even new users are not willing to spend their time in training themselves with new latest technology. Also they are not ready to practice this new method so they face surplus of mistakes, errors and confusion

Difference between AutoCAD and Revit

Autodesk Revit is Building Information Modeling (BIM) product permitting users to design a building, structure and its elements in 3D. Whereas AutoCAD is widely used commercial software for 2D & 3D Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and drafting. Autodesk Revit models accurate solution for building information materials especially for larger projects and Auto CAD is useful for drafting of interior and exterior of building. Also Auto CAD have more flexibility as compare to Revit which is consider as strict application for building 3D Model.

Revit family environment consist of few 3d modeling tools . Like Revolve tools helps a solid form revolving around a user defined axis line. A 2D profile is drawn to represent the form of the geometry.Use the Revolve tool to create a board segment or a surface with revolve geometry or use the tool to create a solid cut. First sketch a section of the segment and then revolve it about a sketched axis or any linear geometry located on the sketch plane.

One can redefine a revolved segment as a surface or a revolved surface as a segment with specifying thickness of first segment.The Swept Blend tool allows you to create a blend that has 2 different profiles and then sweep it along a path. The shape of a swept blend is determined by the 2D path you either sketch or pick and the 2 profiles you either sketch or load. This tool is used for creating a sweep with a different start and end profile Extrusion tool is most likely the first 3D modeling tool you played around with in Revit. It is used to create simple forms such as the cube shown to the right.

Blend tool: Useful for creating cone / funnel shaped forms but also any form that’s width varies throughout the length of the geometry. It is created simply by specifying a base and a top profile. Revit will then join the geometry between these 2 profiles with a specific extrusion depth. It is also possible to change and control these forms with parameters and reference planes.