Principle For Site Plan Designing

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

One of the keys while making any site plan detailing is all about locating buildings on a given property.It should be always started with north arrow pointed towards up or to right and should be framed with aerial photograph of the site .Site plan detailing should have margin space while drafting it so that extra information or description can be easily jotted down.Often site plan is confused with interior floor plan .But in actual it’s different from it. There are certain principles which should be followed while forming site plan as mentioned below:-

Decide about proper functioning– Site plan activities should be logically placed so that overall project operates effectively and efficiently.Along with that proper care should be taken for pedestrian and other users.

Proper transition should be included – While drafting site plan,proper attention should be made about easy transition between the streets and also among sideways, entry of the building or in the landscaping. Also there should be proper coordination among site elements like retaining walls, gates, or arbours with the building with same design,quality or materials.

Certain important features like simplicity, harmony, continuity, rhythm and balance should be added while designing building elements so that proper uniformity is maintained. Proper attention should be given to site plan detailing and main focus on vertical and horizontal articulation should be encouraged to visually reduce apparent mass of the building.

While designing site plan, proper attention should be given to durability,authenticity or weather elements while giving exterior treatment to the buildings. Also whenever new building is constructed with old one, then there should be proper alignment between them .There should proper articulation and no cluttered elevation should be framed with large roofs or walls unrelieved by shadow or textural interest.

Site plan making for business park/industrial areas should include following

Open space for landscaping
Convenient access and visitor parking
Convenient identifiable site access
Main building entry and landscaping