Posted on : Feb 26, 2021

During this pandemic situation, the need for healthcare industries has stepped up exponentially and has gained immense popularity among engineers, architects, designers, developers, etc. Thus latest digital technology popularly known as BIM software works as a winning strategy for all major/minor AEC industries to enhance faster and quality construction at effective rates. In the wake of Covid-19, the need for the hospitality sector and healthcare facilities has grown drastically and it becomes difficult to meet critical requirements of testing labs, well-equipped treatment centers, quarantine rooms, etc. Therefore in such a situation, BIM implementation is considered a feasible solution for AEC companies for effective and efficient quality construction. BIM empowers engineers, architects, developers, etc by generating an effective virtual representation of the functional and physical characteristics of the building project. Different sectors like Infrastructure, Automotive engineering, Building construction –Hotels, Airports, Commercial buildings, Institutional buildings, Residential buildings, Retail Buildings, etc are highly influenced by BIM technology. Highly detailed information-rich and coordinated BIM models provide fault-free, minimizes extra cost, creates better scheduling, higher precision and accuracy, and ahead of schedule.

During pandemic times, major challenges faced by the construction of healthcare facilities are as mentioned below:-

A) Project overruns

B) Uncertain project scope

C) Material and labor shortages

D) Ineffective collaboration leading to rework

E) Maintaining social distance amongst all

At C-DESIGN, BIM adoption help in conquering major healthcare construction challenges and bring better collaboration between different stakeholders like architects, designers, modelers, fabricators, owners, etc.