Infographic Sizes And Its Importance

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Generally info graphics are used to quickly communicate a message, to simplify the presentation of large amounts of data, to see data patterns and relationships, and to monitor changes in variables over time. Infographics are there in almost any public environment for example-traffic signs, subway maps, tag clouds, musical scores and weather charts. An Infogrphic means a picture or diagram or a group of pictures or diagrams showing or explaining information.

There are no specification about sizes of info graphics but there are certain distinct and important differences that you should be aware of. Infographic should be made up not more than 600 pixels, and a length should not exceed 1800 pixels if you are making your own websites or blog .Also determine in which medium you are posting your infographic. Some platforms allow you to post longer or broader ones than others. Study the conditions for each platform to determine how large you should make your infographic before creating it. It will save you a lot of time in the long run and avoid you having to redo it.For e.g.Facebook is one of the most important medium in which infographic can be shared .That will increase your shares and make efficient and effective infographic go viral.Facebook allows minimum size of 403 x 403 pixels and a maximum of up to 2048 x 2048 pixels which is quite flexible for posting infographic on their site .In the same way Google+ allows infographic at a size of 497 x 373 pixels up to 2048 x 2048.its very effective to share your infographic with Google+ that will be owned by goggle itself andwhich will automatically increase your ranking.

Now a day’speople are spending more time on mobile rather than on computers. So infographic should be so effective that with its high quality graphics they can be easily seen by target audiences.The whole point of creating an infographic is to get important information to your target audience in a way that they can easily read and enjoy.Also in tablets info graphics can be easily viewed between 600-640 pixels.As smartphone are smaller than tablet and that’s why they have smaller readable area. Smartphone have 4 inch areas and ensure that your infographic does not exceed 288 pixels in width.Choose attractive graphics which will bring more and more audience as graphic plays a major role either they can make or break target audiences. Also make sure infographic data are current and accurate as incorrect data may discredit info graphics in market. One thing you should keep in mind when designing your infographic is to include material that is interesting to your target audience. One way to do this is to include hot topics in to it.