Imperative Tricks To Make Typography More Decipherable

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Typography proves to be the most important aspect of design as it enhances brand images and an important parameter to communicate definite messages to their users. It is considered as the voice of design as typography speaks for itself. Clear Typography should be well mixed with readability aspect then only typography can make remarkable changes in the mind of the users.

Following are below-mentioned points which help in making typography more readable:-

Think about audiences and context –There are different types of fonts which reflect different moods like boring, fun, serious, business or friendly to the final layout. Therefore the selection of fonts should be based on the goals of clients and business requirements like preferences of targeted audiences. It’s believed that visual performances of fonts directly impact the user’s mindset. Like if a designer chooses humorous fonts for the business purpose then users will generally dither if the company is truthful.

The measure is the key-Whenever there arises question-related to putting a text line altogether then measure is the only key web designer should keep in their mind. That definitely doesn’t mean that you need to hunt for tape measure or search for the ruler. But instead means that your line text shouldn’t be too long as audiences may lose interest to process full message being sent across. If you have single column then 60 characters would be enough and per single line, 40 to 70 characters are considered as suitable limits with spaces.

Maintain typographic hierarchy-In order to define the proper structure, visual hierarchy plays an important role through which all elements get well ordered and quite effortless to navigate. Thus such structure makes visual content becomes easier for the targeted audiences to interpret. Visual hierarchy aims at dividing copy content into different sections like heading, subheading, a body portion, caption etc. Even if copy content portions gets distinguished according to sizes, width, fonts colors but it should be clear and easy to scam. Make sure that key points should be emphasised as it draws major part of user’s attention. For e.g.: Italics fonts in words, sentences or phrases are considered a common way to show emphasis. Also, bold letters, Caps or underlined words are considered as another way to show emphasis in the entire paragraph.

Take care of widows and orphans-Orphans are special short words or lines which are awkwardly left hanging at the top of the column. However, windows are the same but with the only difference that they are left at the end of the paragraph. The finest possible trick typography is to get rid of widows and orphans and keep making sure to adjust word spaces, leading, letter spaces or measure.

Make sure to have suitable leading-Leading means spaces between each line of the text. Researchers have proved that audiences skip or lose interest in reading if leading is all wrong as it impacts readability aspect to a larger extent. Many factors like word spaces, weight, typeface, type size affect overall leading quality. It is advisable to use leading size 25%more than type size that leads to right leading.

Try for contrast-Contrast is considered as the best way your text is read. For e.g. black text over the white background or blue text over pink background are considered as the most suitable contrast of colors while laying out their designs. Make sure to keep contrast of color with clear typography so that readers get everything you have written down.

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