How To Make Effective Infographic Videos

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Infographic Videos
One of the most important reasons for making infographic videos is to create marketing awareness and establish the brand in the marketplace. Such videos should be short, clear and with focused marketing strategies. To engage potential audiences and make them familiar with the business is one of a key goal of maintaining company’s reputation on marketing grounds. Generally, it’s believed that those content having videos are considered as 90% more engaging than those based on text or pictures.

Following are points on which infographic videos are based on:-

Keep script small and effective

Researchers have proved that infographic videos which are not exceeding 60 sec tend to prove more customer engaging as compare to those which are of longer duration. The main goal is to reach audiences to watch the entire video and help them in understanding company’s products or services, company’s goal or anything related to customer’s policy or corporate culture.

Narrate more engaging or interesting story

It is always essential to move around central character or subject matter so as to get connected with target audiences. It’s always necessary to focus on user’s experience in such way that interesting story can be narrated through such videos. It is always perfect to narrate the story in less than 150 words a minute with short sentences. This gives a smooth flow of visual information to the engaging contents in different channels like social media, company site or even on YouTube or Vimeo.

Give more importance to existing problems

It is always necessary to on the first part of existing problems. Decision makers should try out those tested methods which help in targeting potential audiences. Avoid bragging about company’s achievements or anything related to history which is no more important for current company’s requirements. After disclosing problem in the first, it’s essential to offer a solution to those potential audiences about company’s services or problems.

Provide Call to action

After disclosing problem and related solutions then it’s important to provide a required call to action with a video clip. Even free specialised content, the call number for further information can be provided.