Posted on : Sep 25, 2020

In the modern urbanised world, the major challenge is all about providing parking space and adequate facilities for buildings. Each year number of vehicles is growing speedily which often leads to a confused and cluttered situation. Thus it leads to a more worsening situation with each passing day. However such Public parking situation needs to be ad dressed at the earliest because the absence of parking facilities will make it totally chaotic. Because of the increasing population and use of motorised vehicles, urbanisation is growing at the rapid rate making a really tough job for planners and designers. Thus it becomes the responsibility of Architectural CAD drafting service providers to provide cities and towns with more planned parking areas. Below mentioned are some of the factors which planners need to consider before providing a pragmatic solution to their clients:-

A) Public transportation should be encouraged-In today’s time; parking problems are getting worsened due to the high rise of private automobiles in modern cities and towns. In such places, public transportation should be encouraged which helps in limiting other private vehicles on the road. Also, mass transit system will eventually help in limiting parking requirements.

B) More Public awareness-In order to decrease parking issues, more public awareness should be encouraged through methods like carpooling-a public transit systems, etc which will improve largely improve the entire system.

C) Strict Adherence to parking regulations-In today’s time, many developed and underdeveloped countries are facing such a menace crisis of zoning and parking regulations. Due to a lack of proper mechanisms, many countries are facing such issues of rules and regulations. Thus it becomes the responsibility of architectural services providers, developers, and builders to provide adequate parking spaces for their buildings and premises.

D) Usage of the latest Technology-In the large cities, multiple levels of parking have saved parking requirements to a greater extent. Nowadays due to the latest technology, even mechanised parking facilities play a major role in solving these grave issues to a larger extent. However, elevators and Hoists save lots of ramp space but the cost involved is quite high. It becomes a major responsibility of CAD Architectural service providers to make sure those public spaces and communal amenities get adequate parking facilities.

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