Different Types Of The Animation Pattern – Outsource Animation

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

The animation is considered the most powerful and latest design tool nowadays which helps in tapping the audience’s visual system. This tool helps in making beautiful designs, saves lots of energy, delights users and helps in streamlining your workforce. In earlier times, the animation was simply focused on Hollywood but now it has become an international process which even helps as teaching aid in education and other industries.

Following are types of animation patterns

Demonstration-Such kind of animations is very enlightening and intuitive as it helps in describing stories like how things are working or what’s happening around it. Thus it helps in exposing details and that why it’s considered as best for presenting info graphic report. Instead of making users bored because of prolonged page load it helps in making something visually attractive for them.

Supplements- Such type of animation pattern gives a user the opportunity to stay at their task or same location without getting distracted from it. This makes additional information/content to get an add-on that respective page. Such type of animation consists of different styles like drop down, alerts, tool tips etc.

Transition-During earlier times, the web was created as a sequence of connected documents where clicking on such links creates a browser to swab the screen. Before the next page turns out on screen, there comes a flash of white. Not only it becomes as wastage of browser’s resource of creating page layout all over again but also increases user’s cognitive load of reevaluating page’s content. Therefore such type of animation pattern, lots of information about contents of the page gets displayed which creates a huge impact on user’s mindset where they need to reorient themselves with the page’s content often. With the introduction of transition, it becomes possible for users to change information space or shifts them out to a new task from the older one.

Feedback-It’s all about the interrelated association between user’s dealings and interface’s response where animation gives direct reaction about their respective interaction. For e.g.:-Loading spin gives a response to users about data getting loaded where they need to wait for it on the computer. In the same way, depressed button or will signify certain respective signs to their users. Thus the user will be never left wondering in that’s aspect.