Creative Services Logo Design – Getting The Unique Business Identity

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Since our inception in 2005, we have been working on extensive series of logo designing projects under our creative services portfolio on behalf of our clients. For a consumer logos are everywhere around them serving as an instant reminder of a company or a brand or even an experience of past on the other hand for companies it’s ideally the single point of recognition on which their entire marketing, promotions and branding activities revolve around & finally for the creative designers like us it’s the set of challenge that a client offers to combine and represent the company’s values, code and ideologies in a single piece of graphic.

Times are changing very fast, as the markets are getting more and more competitive, with number of websites getting launched on daily basis the demand for getting a unique corporate identity created is increasing exponentially so is the challenge of creating something out of the box which would stand out in an ocean of corporate identities. In this article we’ll be highlighting some basic principles of logo design.

Logo inspiration can come anytime and from anywhere, though there and number of sites available with numerous resources to get inspired for your next logo designing assignment. Some of the popular sites are Logo Gala and Logo Moose, most of the logo designers are anyways aware about these sites our suggestion is to include some of the other graphic designing sites such as Dribble or Deviant Art in your reference research work also one good idea is to scroll and check further down the results page to visit websites you haven’t been to before & narrow down your focus on logos in the same industry or belonging to the companies which are similar in scale, code and business.

An effective logo should be unique and should stand out, conveying relevant and practical message on behalf of the company or product / brand in its simplest form. There are some basic principles that a logo must follow to be effective in representing the intended message. Firstly a logo must be simple and easy to interpret. Simple logo allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile and memorable. Effective logos highlights something extraordinary without being too loud or over drawn.

Second most important principle is the ease of recognition i.e. an effective logo must be easy to memorise for an ease in recognition. Following the principle of simplicity, effective logos are simple enough to be easily memorable. As the time passes and business grows but the identity of business should be enduring enough to sustain the business longevity. Also as most of the business today are venturing into multiple spaces, the logo should be versatile enough to incorporate multiple areas of business and applications.