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Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

3D Character modeling is all about something new and original characters by the artist which are based on description or story. These models are generally used in comic books, children books, TV series, feature films, web animation or in comic strips etc. The style of the character mainly depends highly on drawing ability and also on its formatting like real life character or animated graphics. 3D Character designer needs to have expert knowledge of drawing and designs to create an attractive and appealing. One of the most important aspects of any character modeler is they never take their eyes off to the end target and thereby creates more than just visual drawing to their related characters.

Another important task in the making of character modeling is about making research work related to historical, anatomical, costume, style or theatrical references required for designing that specific character. The designer needs to create many different versions of their characters on the basis of the mindset of their directors and projects timeline. Once the final design is selected, next important step of character designer is to create orthographic model sheets of the character which shows characters personality from different angles like side front and back. Such models are generally used in our daily lives whether it’s formulating regular sketches or high 3d video or an animated movie. They are generally used everywhere.

Before designing 3D character modeling, it’s important to decide about the type of character one is willing to create, timings required for its making and required amount of detail needed for its making and little knowledge on the anatomy of related characters. Always better to have references of your character modeling related to proportions and anatomy. It’s anytime good to get inspiration from other’s work especially how they layout their polygons for models. And effective polygons will always save time while doing editing.

It’s always essential to have backups of the files which one can modify anytime in future. Also, this may help at the time when system failure happens and data gets crash. Its advisable to get the suitable proportion of the body first of all and then add details to your models

Next important part is of topology. When you are making animated character its essential understand polygon flow for proper rigging particularly at joints. Always follow better topology and proper edge loop with balanced space between each edge loop in the model.

Try to make use of polygon quads and triangles whenever it’s required. It’s not advisable to use N-gons as it will create hassles when it’s about animating or smoothing your model. A proper placement of edge loop helps in making an effective animation of the joints.

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