Posted on : Jul 16, 2020

In today’s world, major organisations are striving hard to meet with their client’s expectations through remarkable efficiency, accuracy, and ensuring excellent outcomes. Due to global warming, the concept of sustainable and green architecture is gaining a lot of importance not just as a buzz word. Clients want their dream castle into a solid structure of steel, brick, stone, and concrete to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Due to the emerging trend of the concept of sustainability and green architecture, designers are focusing more on suitable techniques and methods to achieve the best results. Below mentioned are the certain factor which helps in increasing sustainable designs and more greener buildings are as follows

A) Adequate Day Lighting-It’s become essential for designers to locate and analyse the intensity of the daylight luminescence so that occupants can be provided with soothing effects. Such shading effects improve the efficiency and effectiveness and comfort level of their occupants. Thus designers should come up with the best possible solution and thereby can reduce artificial energy requirements.

B) Impact of the sun –3D CAD designers should analyse the impact of the sun on the existing/proposed building so that future potential efficiency can be easily gauged. Thus they should discuss relevant choices and strategies with their clients so as to achieve the best possible results

C) Utility cost-Architects should figure out utility costs so that building owners can make smart decisions related to materials, water cost, sewage/maintenance, etc. Thus such choices make a high impact on ensuring the efficiency of the buildings. Also, designers should strive hard to include greener options to their designs like installation of a green roof, solar plants, and many such other related options, etc so as to achieve the overall goal of sustainability designs.

At C-DESIGN, our professional’s primarily focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient design and tries to strictly adhere to the above-mentioned parameters.