Augmented Reality –A Big Boon For Today’s World

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

With the of impact of latest technology, augmented reality has played a major role in creating marketing awareness among mind of clients .Because of AR, clients can get a feel about their services or products before actually buying them as they can get visualise them very clearly.AR software application at C- Design are not only cost saver and sophisticated but also used majorly for creating AR effects for real world applications. Through AR, existing reality get superimpose with additional information which makes it overall artificial experience in its whole. Therefore it’s considered as one of the hottest and creative technology which helps in creating fastest connectivity with their clients and increasing engagements.

Below mentioned are major benefits of augmented reality application

Through augmented reality application, one can easily navigate through airport traffic. Also with the help of beacons one can make creative use of AR technology.Another essential use of AR technology is for designing spaces and home decors.With the help of AR kit technology, one can scan their spaces and according to requirements can keep objects in digital room. This will help customers in making decision regarding products before their actual purchase by providing them new experiences about new products .This same technologies apply while painting homes where customers can very well experience different shades of paints through virtual world and thus can paint any colour according to their choices or requirements before even buying them.

Even cosmetic industry makes most use of augmented reality technology as its buzz nowadays. Such technology applies to those their clients who want to try different looks like new eye, hair, lips etc products on their digital face. Another usefulness of AR technology comes in healthcare industry where patients can virtually interact with medical professions. Like it will be quite useful during surgeries, diagnosis, treatments and thus can provide real time information to them.

Thus AR has touched a larger extent to our lives right from gaming to construction making our existence much simpler. At C-Design we create 3d interactive and augmented reality for your product presentation. A complete solution to showcase all your products like electronic application, lights, decor, furniture etc . The Application comes with a Built in AR (Augmented Reality) solution too. So the User can see the product in both Interactive and also get an AR experience.