Architecture Work Drawing –Why Is It So Necessary

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Architectural work drawing is classified into two forms
Through such type of drawing, building features like shape, color and texture are created. And they are presented to

a)Client- To make him aware about the programmed

-To show him general building

-To show them general design of the building and get an approval

b)Planning regulation officer-For approval of design

c) Public- To promote through periodicals,magazine and other publication

Presentation drawings are further classified as

SCHEMATIC DRAWING—In this phase rough idea about drawing is made.More of related with primary investigation process for design like site information,immediate surrounding etc. is formed out
DESIGN DRAWING—Related with solution of designing.Provides information about room arrangements, surrounding or any exterior amenities etc. are decided.
These drawing are related to appearance information for less technical minded people like 3dimensional perspective.Other features shown by these drawings are as follows

*Shows about construction details or materials used

*Shows cost factor analysis

*Reflects amount and type of labor requirements

*Depicts degree of supervision or construction details

Working drawing consist of following details

*Floor plan– Through this location and dimensions of the exterior and interior walls, cabinets, size and dimensions of windows and doors, appliances, permanent fixtures, room names with material symbols,sidewalks,patios and decks are located.

*Elevation-This reflects outside elevation depicting finished structure and vertical height dimensions. Usually 4 elevations are drawn for each of the side of the wall.

*Typical details

*Roof plans


*Title page and index

*Sections- They describes about method of construction, interior design elements, and constructionmaterials.

A) Structural section – Shows entire building construction

  • Building Longitudinal Section

*Building Cross– section

B) Wall SECTIONS– Construction of typical wall

C)Detail Section–

-Stair section

-Structural detail section

– Window and door section

*Electrical requirements

Working drawing should comprehensive and easily be understood. It should be free from any repetitive notes with proper graphical representation.Also should be properly arranged on short paper to give balance layout with use of appropriate symbols.