Basic Rules For Making Logo Design

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Logo design is the primary element which gets reflects as an introduction to the brand. Logo designing helps in reaching specific audiences and one should keep it in mind before making it. Its always advisable to do researches for other brands but designers should never become too serious by literally taking inspirations from must judge brands before jumping into conclusion whether its increasing emotions, idiosyncratic, fashionable or utility driven then define logo accordingly. The logo has emotions, history and special purpose behind its making.For e.g. Baskin Robbins logo is of pink and blue colour with BR doubles as the number 31.There is a belief in this number where customers will be served different flavor ice -creams every day of the month.

Another important aspect is about colour and its relative impact. It’s quite obvious and well know factor that bold colours easily grab audience’s attention but at the same time looks rash while at the same time muted colours look quite subtle and are many times overlooked. That’s why every colour has its own importance and thus logo should be designed according to its brand as they were a nuance to your message.

For e.g.

White – Gives impact of purity and cleanliness

Black– Shows as authoritative and steadfast

Red – Looks like Bold and energetic

Yellow – As of cheerfulness and ingenious

Orange – As friendly and youthful

One of the important characteristics of logo making is it helps in distinguishing from other brands or even from their competitors. It’s highly advisable not only to avoid imitation but also to design something with an out of box thinking. It’s equally important to strike a balance while designing a logo – simple and original. So that it doesn’t confuse targeted audiences making them simply sit and stare logos.Logo should be totally flexible and easy. Just like Fed Ex logo which consists of arrow giving the impression of accuracy, route and swiftness.

While making a logo, always try to do research work beforehand as there exist vast ocean of online information or assistance available.Even there are many websites available which help to provide more customised logo according to client’s requirements which are easy to download with a higher quality version for printing.

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