3D CAD DESIGN: Different types of 3D CAD Models

Posted on : Jul 22, 2020

In the field of Architectural world, 3d CAD Models are considered an essential tool of Architectural drawing services. These services not only provide flexibility and lots of freedom in framing complex design structures. At C-DESIGN, we constantly strive to achieve the best quality of drawings for our clients as per their requirements. Conveying proposed drawings for your clients/building owners is considered the biggest challenge for any designer. And thus 3D CAD is considered as crucial technology which increases efficiency and accuracy also simultaneously saves lots of time.

Because of 3D CAD Design services, designers can easily increase workflow, conceptualize in 3dimensions, and reduce errors. Below mentioned are different types of 3D models-

A) A Wireframe model-It is considered an easy form of 3d models. These models provide an extended form of 2D orthographic projections. The role of the 3D Cad design team is to edit irrelevant lines and add center/hidden line to standards.

B) A surface model-Such type of 3D models is considered as quite complex as compared to the wire frame model where the exterior of surface/forms is considered. Instead of focusing on the interiors of the surface, the solid objects can be created by adding surfaces to the wire frame so as to form a surface model.

C) A solid 3D Model- This type 0f 3D model is considered as a complex type but far more sophisticated in every way. There is a major limitation in surface models as interior features of the objects cannot be displayed. However in such 3D Models, one can get life-like views from both exterior and interior sides. Thus any conflicting/non-essential elements of the structures can be easily removed. Also, architects find such 3D Models to be very helpful in discussing and demonstrating the main elements of your designs with your clients. These proposed designs save lots of time and can be viewed from any conceivable angles whenever situation demands or structures are complex enough.

At C-DESIGN, we strive hard to turn client’s dreams/visualisation into reality through this latest technology of 3D CAD design services. 3D Cad Modeling is considered as a crucial tool that helps in conveying exact ideas to your clients and customers.