Posted on : Mar 24, 2021

In the Construction Industry, Mechanical workflow plays an essential role which basically consists of sketches related to technical information related to piping, HVAC, medical gas system and plumbing. In any construction industry, shop drawings help in making on-site and off-site prefabrication which helps in reducing construction costs along with managing them. Below mentioned are different types of mechanical shop drawing:-

Fabrication Drawings-They consists of a set of drawings for prefabricated elements and produced by manufacturers, fabricators, suppliers, or contractors containing complex information related to welding details, material standards, codes, heat and stress treatments from fabrication drawings.

Detailed illustrations-Detailed drawings consist of all elements used for building material systems in a detailed manner like weight, mass, textures, codes, geometry, materials, surface, size and heat treatments essentials. Detailed illustrations consist of all required installation details with equipment schedules.

Arrangement drawings-They consists of detailed information about self-containing units like weight, lifting point, parts, dimensions, and other related info for testing, installing equipment, transporting

2D drawings-They are basically required by mechanical contractors and consist of information related to floor plans, dimension, sizes, schematic drawings info, etc

Spool drawings-They is important for plumbers and contractors to create spool drawings for perfect pre-fabrication work off-site and on-site

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