Posted on : Jan 16, 2020

BIM is considered as one of latest method of digital representation of different types of building projects which guides various consultants, engineers, software developers, architects to take an absolute picture of the actual image of the building. For AEC professionals it’s considered as significant insightful tools and plans to construct, design and manage constructions and buildings. Right from the old software technology to the current growth of BIM technology, BIM is considered as one of the effective technology which supports customisation, flexibility, saves time and known as the best return on your investment.

Making BIM families or their content for BIM models is considered an essential element of BIM services. Revit is very well recognized for its architectural design and documentation software of Autodesk Corp. Revit family creation is an important part of BIM services majorly helps in creating parametric families like equipment and furniture like boilers, tables, walls, windows, etc through graphics. Also, different object creation becomes possible by altering build in parameters like density, dimensions, mass or materials. We are globally well recognised for our Revit family creation through our accurate drawings of BIM components and details and thereby reducing rework and saving our client’s precious time and money.

At C-DESIGN we create different types of Revit parametric family creation like

MEP family creation-Full 3D models for lighting, fixtures, switchboards, pipework, ducts, plumbing, air conditioning system. Also, these 3D models can be well adjusted by altering materials or dimensions as per the requirements

Structural Family Creation-3D models are formed for trusses, beams, columns, joints, etc in different material varieties like concrete, steel or woods with all relevant parametric data and properties

Architectural family creation-3D models are created for floors, walls, furniture, ceilings, windows, etc with all relevant parametric data and dimensions

Other services provided by us are Building system families, BIM families, specialist family creation, customised Revit family creation for different residential, educational, commercial and industrial buildings with fast turnaround time and at cost-effective rates