What should be included in an Architecture Portfolio

Posted on : May 15, 2020

Grabbing your dream architectural job or an interesting architectural project is something with each and every architect prepare for. It’s equally important for these aspiring architects or the team of architects to understand things that these recruiting managers o r the prospecting clients are looking for. One of the key short listing tool these recruiting managers of the prospecting clients look for along with the professional resume is polished and professionally crafted architectural portfolio.

We at outsource architectural services under our outsource creative services banner lay equal importance on architectural portfolio while either short listing candidates suitable for the job or while pitching for any client project as it presents diversity of architectural skills & capabilities, experience & expertise and exposure of working in every project development phase. We at outsource architectural services strongly believe that one should be treating his / her portfolio as the statement of work detailing the projects undertaken by describing the methods one has used to attain the end objectives which ultimately be representing how he/she thinks and the depth of design abilities one possess. Also one of the most critical points to keep in mind while crafting architectural portfolio is its freshness, one should be including his / her most recent work, usually recruiting managers or prospecting clients are not interested in knowing the work you might have done 5 or 6 years back as that won’t be describing your current abilities and the state of mind.

One needs to be really conscious about showcasing the work done by him / her or where he / she is been involve as the part of team only, in such case one needs to very clearly describe his / her role and deliverable as the team member along with the project objectives and the end delivery. Also one need to ensure that while showcasing the end delivery its important to include construction details and plan over and above the 3D render of the finished project.