Role of CAD Drafting standards in the Architectural World

Posted on : Jan 30, 2020

In the AEC industry, CAD drafting standards play a major role in order to increase productivity and thus contribute to the smooth workflow process. These are majorly described as set guidelines through which CAD drawings will be created and documented. Experienced professionals in the architectural sector help in creating a bunch of these standards in order to reduce cost factor, rework and thus prove to be time effective.

Different sectors like residential and commercial architectural projects take a long time in the completion of the entire development. In such cases, there comes involvement of multiple designers on a single project at different timelines who can work with different agendas or working styles. This may lead to high-level blunder or confusion during any developmental stage. Thus CAD drafting standards play an essential role in increasing efficiency and reduce inaccuracy in the overall process for exchanging CAD documents.

Following are major areas where CAD standards are applicable like:-

A) Title Blocks

B) Text Styles

C) File Locations

D) Lines Style

E) Naming Schemes

F) Archiving

G) CAD software

Major benefits of CAD Standards are:-

Increases Drafter’s understanding-One of the major reasons for making CAD standards is to give their multiple drafters a clear explanation about single minute details of the drawings. Also, any new members can receive same level of understanding right from the start till the end of their projects without any disturbance. For e.g.: Any specific colour or layer should follow a particular template.

Consistency-It refers to the formatting of line weights, dimension, drawings, text, title blocks, and leaders so that readers feel the same type of uniformity throughout the set like if any elevation has black pattern then it shows stay consistently black in it or else it will changes readers the overall scope of work.

Reduces Time factor- In an organization, standards and templates play a major role because if they don’t follow the same specific set of standards then it turns out to be a time-consuming task during navigating different project files. Such types of inefficient standards may lead to more chaos and organization will waste their crucial major time in untangling them.

Easy for trainers to teach every new drafter-It becomes very much essential to train every new drafter with the same CAD standards and layers so that workflow becomes more smooth and effective.

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