Posted on : Aug 31, 2021

Any construction project requires systematic MEP systems which give detailed information and that’s why it is considered unique in its way. The MEP coordination system is perfect synchronization between different disciplines which includes various elements like building fabric, external layout and design, overall building configuration, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning). In AEC projects, MEP shop drawings create the greatest details for installation and fabrication. Like cabinet system and elevators need shop drawings/fabrication work or HVAC system needs prefabrication work-air handling units, ductwork, and piping connection, etc.

MEP team consists of MEP contractors, fire-fighting subcontractors, MEP consultants, Fabrication and maintenance specialists. Firstly, the MEP consultant prepares 3D MEP coordinated drawings and later on passes them to MEP contractors. It is entirely their responsibility to changes their designs as per the client’s requirements to create higher ease in installation, fabrication, insulation allowance, and overall system effectiveness. Once 3D MEP coordinated drawings get completed then it becomes the responsibility of MEP contractors to perform various functions like spatial coordination, detailing, 3D drawings installation, and fabrication work.

MEP drawings helps in creating fabricated building components and removes any errors/confusions/delays before field installation. MEP coordination services effectively help in removing any project delays, design conflicts, and excessive project costs, etc. However major benefits of MEP coordination services are

A) Makes the entire Building process effective

B) MEP drawings offer a winning edge as compared to competitors during competitive bids

C) Minimizes waste materials and Project rework

At C-DESIGN, we provide MEP coordination services for effective and higher quality construction work. Contact us and get your quotation for building projects of any size.