Difference between CAD and BIM technology

Posted on : Feb 28, 2020

It is very much essential to understand the basic difference between CAD and BIM because both are different in many aspects. Still, there are many people who get confused between them as both are interrelated to each other. At C-DESIGN, we properly clarify dissimilarity between them as they both cater to different requirements.

Because of technological advancement, CAD has evolved in so many years.CAD is always considered as a basic focus of the architectural industry through which precise models and floor plans designs are created as per clients’ requirements.CAD which is commonly known as Computer-Aided Designs is majorly used for larger projects with help of CAD software where many designs are combined together to fit in larger units.CAD helps in designing 2D or 3D models with a more precise representation of their ideas and thus broadly used across different industries for making different complex models. Also with the help of CAD technology, clients can very well understand the work of their designer’s CAD technology plays a major role in different sectors like architecture,engineering, etc and that’s why works as most valuable technology accessible.


  • CAD software offers all tools which are necessary to design 2D or 3D models and also it’s quite easy as compared to traditional paper-clay modeling technique.
  • Another advantage of using CAD software is its ability to mark any minute errors and also turns out to be valuable learning material for students, engineers, and architects
  • Many CAD packages also create documentation work for their clients so that they can refer back any related paper trail designs as and when needed

However, BIM, on the other hand, is an integrated and collaborative process that works on reliable information about the project right from design till operations. With the help of BIM, you can construct any complex construction projects digitally and it consists of more information than traditional CAD technology. With the help of 3D BIM Models, smart models can be designed containing different specifications, characteristics, performance and connections to MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) drawing structures. MEP drawings include weight, volume, dimensions, building materials and size parameters into it. That’s why it’s considered the most useful newest technology for their viewers which provide all information of building components and MEP dimensions as well. Different professionals like architects, contractors, builders work in alliance to create building designs using databases and computer models. CAD software popularly known as Revit gives architects and designers team better building decisions before actual projects begin on the ground.


  • BIM technology helps in putting large quantities of files into a single database so in future people can work on the same model and save it in the cloud. This reduces wastage of time of searching relevant documents and any editing work can be carried easily.
  • Also, another benefit includes resource tracking where how much resources are needed during the design stage can be figured out and thus it improves workflow efficiency in the construction process.
  • BIM gives your clients exact know how about project developmental stages and thus they can instant updates about it, thereby increases faster authorisation for milestones.
  • BIM provides a complete comprehensive representation of building structures and their core elements like HAVC, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. Thus the project team can very well take advantage of available resources and spaces and make better decisions.

At C-Design, we require inputs from clients side in form of CAD drawings, rough ideas, images in any formats, 2D files, PDF images, hand-drawn sketches so that output PDF files, 2D or 3D Revit files can be offered at the competitive rates. BIM software proves to be valuable not only to designing engineers but also for consultants, construction builders, cost management and project management fields. We are responsible for providing complete sustainable BIM solutions whether personalised or customised right from schematic designs to construction of documents for different construction companies like retail, industrial, residential, health or education, etc. We are a perfect amalgamation of full domain knowledge, an outstanding experience of more than 15 years with talented professional team of BIM engineers who provide consistent and high-quality services at a global platform. We always look forward to the client’s inputs/inquiries and ready to serve as per their requirements.