Posted on : Mar 26, 2021

With the advancement of the latest technology popularly known as BIM services (Building Informational Modelling), the Building construction industry is facilitated by asset management, project coordination, and cost estimation. Any construction project basically consists of 3 basic shop drawings-Architectural shop drawings, structural shop drawings and Mechanical shop drawings. These are defined as follows-

Mechanical Shop Drawings-They forms an essential part of the construction workflow which basically consist of sketches related to technical information related to plumbing, HVAC, Piping and medical gas system. These shop drawings become an essential part of the construction project which refers to on-site and off-site prefabrication. There are different types of mechanical shop drawings like Fabrication drawings, Arrangement diagrams, detailed illustrations, Spool drawings, and 2D drawings. These types of drawings are useful for Mechanical contractors for exact coordination between sprinklers and mechanical piping.

Architectural shop drawings-These are those type of set drawings which are produced by the supplier, fabricator, manufacturer, contractors, etc for prefabricated components like walls, Curtains, Glass and glazing products, Windows, Storefronts, etc. These shop drawings show more specific details of any particular product or its installation. Construction documentation explains the relationship between physical building and building design. It includes all information pertaining to location, size, assembly, shape and other essential details for the construction of a building.

Structural Shop drawings-These types of shop drawings are mainly useful for significant representation of the building with different chronological stages like ceiling plans, 3D floor plans, elevation and related details etc. The contractors use construction drawings for retrofitting, new construction, renovation, serve 2D detailing and drafting. Also, 3D models help in assembly, DXF drawings, attaining parts from complex wooden structures.

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