Posted on : Jul 08, 2020

The landscape architectural design services help in building the environment more prominent and exquisite. At C-DESIGN we help in making aesthetically designs that make it warmer and alluring and thus add more splendor effect to them. Different design elements in the form of texture, line, color and form, etc help in making landscape designs more attractive and engaging for visitors and inhabitants, etc. Color helps in forming eye-catching landscape designs as it evokes strong feelings and emotions in the viewers. Therefore Architectural design drafters should always keep visualisation in mind while framing out changing shades of colors. Different color schemes are used by landscape architectural designs to give appearance and feel. Such color schemes are analogous, complementary, and monochromatic.

Analogous-In color wheel, any color next to each other is generally considered as analogous color schemes. Close analogous colors like orange and red may seem to be visually similar and in harmony with perfect blends. This is all because of the color closeness on the color wheel where warm or cool effects can be achieved.

Monochromatic-In such type of color wheel, one color, and its various shades are used to create visual harmonious effects. E.g. Generally, Green color is used as a single color in the landscape designs in which different dark and light shades and tints are used for creating appealing and interesting. Many times designers prefer to choose a single color with varying forms and textures to give interesting and contrasting effects.

Complimentary –On the color wheel, colors which are opposite to each other helps in adding more intensity of its opposite and thus they become complementary color schemes. For e.g., Orange and purple are opposite to each other in the color wheel and are complementary to each other. Both such colours create a perfect combination and increase each other’s brightness and also make them stand out.

At C-Design, our landscape drawings are useful for drafting an entire building, product, or part with a team of dedicated professional landscape planners, interior designers, and graphic artists. Our team has expertise in state of the art software to deliver renderings, animation, and 3d models which provide suitable dimensions to landscape drawings and designing. We offer landscape drawings in fields of urban planning, site planning, parks, and recreation planning, green infrastructure planning, urban design, environment restoration, residential space master planning, and design. Simply contact us and outsource landscape drawings services to worldwide recognised landscape drawing service provider.