Landscape Rendering and its importance in the Architectural World

Posted on : Mar 11, 2020

Landscape rendering is all about exploring natural surroundings and outdoor; thereby understanding how it gets complement with architectural buildings and roads. One of the biggest advantages of landscape architecture is its ability to generate, design and communicate pioneering ideas with the latest technology. With the help of the latest technology of landscape rendering, designers can easily change an object into natural surrounding which looks well connected with the space available.

The main role of landscape architects is to mix with other elements of the architectural projects like mixing natural essentials with the exterior of the surrounding of the building like a manmade patio, courtyard nature like rooftop deck/interiors, etc. In earlier times, landscape rendering was performed using hand-drawn techniques which were both time consuming and expensive processes. But due to the advancement of the latest technology, landscape rendering software programme have accelerated rendering process and can save libraries and catalogs of trees, plants, rocks, etc.

Tips used by landscape architects so as to create a real-life landscape architectural view with the help of landscape rendering software are:-

1) Importance of colour and its variation as per season and day time-Landscape architectural rendering should always consider time and season of the year. It becomes essential for landscape architects to show season transitions so as to make renderings as real as possible. Also, transition in trees colours like changes from green to red/orange reflects changes in the seasons based on the time of the year.

2) Understand the base of the location-It becomes very essential for a landscape architect to understand the land and its basic location. Architects should understand the challenges and situations offered by every new location and should play with their creative ideas. Every new location comprises of existing trees, rocks, identify location’s typography and available potential handful space and its view.

3) Colour and its contrasting impacts-Lack of contrasts, shadows or any highlighting colour shades will create landscape rendering quite hard to understand and more confusing. For e.g.: any landscape depicting plantation throughout any particular area with the same shade of green colour will make it a quite challenging task in defining the purpose of the landscape rendering. That’s why landscape architects use a combination of 3 colors so as to create real contrast like

A) BASE COLOUR   B) SHADOW COLOUR (means the absence of light)   C) HIGHLIGHT COLOUR (means the sun is shining on it)

4) Impact of Sizes and shapes of plantation-In order to create an impressive landscape rendering showcase, it becomes essential to show minute detailing of plants like angle /direction of leaves and branches. Landscape rendering software helps in adjusting different shapes and sizes of the leaf and rendered mechanically on whatever branch type you selected; thereby making it a real-life view for your clients and customers.

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