Posted on : Jan 07, 2022

In today’s world of digitalization where cost and time effectiveness matters,3D helps in representing complex structures, project optimization and expansion, facilities management and project up gradation. At C-DESIGN, we provide effective BIM consulting services so as to have exact time schedules, accurate material estimations and purchasing. This helps for smoother efficient facilities management with proficient design and construction processes. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of CAD to BIM conversion are as follows:-

  1. Holistic overview of the project-The scope of CAD to BIM conversion works in effective designing 3D models by taking high inputs and integrating into high quality documentation. This helps different stakeholders like contractors, architects, developers and engineers in accessing minute details and makes required information available to everyone.
  2. Managing all phases of the project-Using BIM software, one can explore design and maintain documentation, design and construction phases. This technology helps to intricate BIM models for accurate drawings, project cost, and construction planning along with managing overall estimation.

Effective Clash Management and layer management-This technology helps in detecting defects and fix them at early age. Intricate BIM models helps in giving comprehensive picture of the structure by providing interconnections of various elements and level.