Posted on : Nov 20, 2020

In the field of the AEC industry, BIM technology works in proper coordination and collaboration as compared to earlier times. Thus such type of collaborative approach due to BIM technology intends to save cost and time throughout the supply chain. In today’s time, BIM technology, many designers and architects are able to deliver and implement BIM technology throughout the supply chain and directly impacts subcontractors, contractors, and general contractors level. For e.g.:-a mechanical subcontractor needs to work in proper coordination with fabricators, plumbing subcontractors, electrical subcontractors etc.

BIM for electrical contractors-Using BIM design technology for the construction field has offered numerous benefits to all stakeholders like consultants, contractors, or clients. Electrical BIM implementation in electrical contracting projects helps in minimising inaccuracy during electrical installation like cable trays, network routing, fire alarm systems, lighting fixtures, data transmission, and communication devices, etc, helps in prefabrication process, controls facility management team, helps in reducing waste, improves communication and productivity, assist in quality management, reduces risk and accidents during construction projects.

BIM for plumbing contractors-With the help of BIM plumbing solutions, we provide different plumbing solutions like BIM modeling for sanitary fixtures, MEP coordination, Drafting services for water distribution plans and water supply, also provides proper checks, coordination, and implementation between different essentials of MEPF BIM like quantity estimations, fabrication drawings, fittings, spool drawings, etc. This helps in increasing efficiency and reduces overall cost and rework during the overall construction project.

BIM for mechanical contractors- One of the biggest advantages of mechanical contractors is the capability to improve the overall fabrication process, use them for construction evaluation, for spatial coordination and shop drawings, improves offsite fabrication process, improves schedule performances, labor cost, etc.

 At C-Design, BIM software proves to be valuable not only to designing engineers but also for consultants, construction builders, cost management, and project management fields. We are a perfect amalgamation of full domain knowledge, an outstanding experience of more than 15 years with a talented professional team of BIM engineers who provide consistent and high-quality services at a global platform.