Tips To Get That Perfect Animation

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Animations is lie full of life or liveliness, where life is given to static images which are minimally differ from each and other by creating illusion of motion and change. These images can be hand drawn, computer generated, or pictures of 3D objects.It’s a film sequence showing position of puppets or successive drawing to create illusion of movement.Now a day’s animation is type of skillset which is quite easy to learn,less expensive and demand is rising rapidly.

  1. Always have synopsis: Even if you are working on rough idea or complex project, you should be well clear in your mind about what story your animation is going to reveal to everyone,before you draw your initial sketch.Animation should be self-explanatory though words even if does not have any text attached to it.Always write synopsis which cover core detail about your animation.
  2. Block your scenes: Blocking is concept from theatres,just like when we watch any performance we feel that actors are moving on their own according to their will but in reality their directors have already set their pre designed path where actor will move around the stage or stand.In same way break down the story into key parts through blocking your scenes wherein each scene will depicts a mini plot line that’s the part of whole animation.Also add references notes as to what your characters will be doing and how they will do so.
  3. References: Before blocking a scene,getting a help from references make a huge difference in your animation project like online documentaries,or nature – great source or even film footage through which you can get an idea about how animals or characters move.A best animation needs proper timings and excellent knowledge of motion.
  4. Timing is crucial: Animator should spend appropriate time on the anticipation of an action,on the action or on the reaction to the action. Timings play a crucial role in any animated projects,if your characters are too energetic or overly lazy then it makes animation full of unnatural and unbelievable to the target also affects the perception onf the mass of an object for example timing of a fat man running has to be slow compared to an athlete.