Significance Of White And Black Floor Plans In The Architectural Drawings

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

The term architectural drawings mean all about complete drawing sets which are used for onsite construction. They are useful for translating designing works into technical lingo which gets useful for architects, contractors, and engineers. Thus for these professionals, floor plans which are the foundation of architectural drawings work as the biggest asset for leasing companies and architectural companies. Floor plans precisely help in showing essential components of the single floor of the building from the top view angle. Essential components like doors, windows, the wall in between the ceiling and floor help in making floor plan complete. Other crucial elements like interiors, beams, water heaters, sinks, and furnaces also add as physical features based on the project type of the architectural company.

Generally, in the architectural companies, the majority of works happens in either white or black floor plans which give clients an easy and convenient way to read. Because the major reason behind the making of the floor plan is to sell design ideas to their buyers and stakeholders. Not only architectural drawings help in keeping the drawings more delineated but also easy for clients to understand it. Such white and black floor plans show simplicity with exact specifications to help further in marketing and construction departments. Even colored floor plans many times become part of promotions either in websites or in broaches.

Floor plans prove to be an important element of the different architectural drawings like real estate marketing, architectural projects, home design, home building, and even interior design. Floor plans show the relationship between rooms and spaces and as its initial step for conveying a message to their clients and structural engineers in a more effective and clear way. Once the initial step gets over, in the next design developmental stage, all essential components of the building get designed by the project architects

Floor plan which is considered as the heart of architectural drawings can be understood in different ways according to different house plan concept. For e.g. in Site plan shows an exact ratio between boundaries of allotted area and position of the building. In Construction floor plans, it shows changing white and black floor plan into an actual building with every minute detail. Once construction floor plans are rechecked multiple times are finally handed over to the builder who will use these drawings for the further construction process. Thus floor plans play a major role in the making of architectural drawings.

Another major role of floor plans is about deciding accurate and final pricing in the designing phase. Once architectural designs and drawings are formulated then its scope of work regarding before and after design layout can be judged and thus helps in deciding pricing factor to the contractor. Even floor plans help in deciding about furniture layouts whether any particular furniture articles would fit or not. This not only saves money and time but also unnecessary efforts which can be avoidable at big mistake at the architectural level.

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