Promotional Video And Steps For Creating It

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Promotional video making is very much simple nowadays.And getting its content is equally simpler either from social media post or advertisement or from marketing sites.Promotional video making requires basic format for its making which are as mentioned below:


Videos are considered as quite expensive. So it’s always required before hand to understand its goals or mission. Company’s make video for creating brand awareness, to drive sale, drive traffic,increase engagement or educate customers.However if you have multiple goals then try to create versatile promotional videos covering all goals into it.Once goal gets decided then next step is to bring life to the video through all the directions.


After deciding goal, it became quite easier to decide which direction to move. For e.g. : Newly launched company will have introductory video explaining about company details right from vision or mission to goal .Another e.g.: if company is in mid of lot of competition then a video with problem solving technique would be best way to do it.Following are basic steps for creating .

Introductory:Tells audiences about company’s mission and products

Explanatory: How the product works

Problem solving: Difference between old and new product

Testimonials: Reviews, opinion, sound bites and many more


Tone is all about the way audiences feels about.Either they laugh or moved ahead or get information or get inspired by it.Tone should well coordinate with the creative direction .For e.g. If it’s about introductory type video so don’t make high urgent type of tone

There are many types of tones for creative direction

Dramatic: Moves emotionally

Informative:clear and precise

Humorous:Full of laughter and comic


Urgent: urges for the action

Playful:Uses fun creative devices

Inspirational: Inspires to derive an action

Artist:Feels youthful or stylish or trendy

DECIDE TIME DURATION:Promotional video should consider following factors

GOALS(brand awareness)

WHERE AD WILL APPEAR(social media, TV or radio)



Real people — as in actors who play out the characters
B-roll —supplemental or alternative footage typically used in between “main shots” or used as background, action, or flashback-style scenes.
Live action — combining real-life footage with elements of animation or special effects.
Screen cast — a digital recording of a computer screen often containing movement, audio, or some type of demonstration.
WRITE A SCRIPT:Every writer, creative director, director, etc. likely has their own way of writing scripts. There are also countless “script templates” for how to lay everything out.

The scene number (1st, 2nd, 3rd scene, etc.)
The audio, dialogue, or Voice Over
A description of the scene, list of characters, location, special props, expressions or movements, or any other details that’s needed for that particular moment