Product Rendering An Advertising Tool

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Branding, Advertising and Promotions has progressed to such a level today that influence and application of advanced rendering techniques and product visualization can’t be denied by anyone. We suggest to take a walk on wall street or time square & you‘ll be bombarded with numerous billboards showcasing number of products and services in stunning graphical manner in fact the fix images like photographs on these advertising banners would also be having a critical role of rending,super imposing &fine tuning of contents (both textual & images) to make it appealing to the viewers. Even though advertisers today bombard you with number of advertising contents where ever you go, which you won’t appreciate many a times but the hard fact remains, due to stiff competitive marketplace in most of the categories’ the merchandise ain’t moving like the way it used to in past.

In one of our articles “Product Rendering a promising trend” we have showcased how closely product designer during the product conceptualization and development phase work closely with a rendering artist in the similar manner during the same product conceptualization & development phase advertisers and copy writers work in tandem with rendering artists in order to generate product imagery focusing on what a product is capable of doing or bringing to the platter for the customers. One might also confuse rendering process as prototyping where artists’ works on superficial purpose of make a product attractive to the customer; we as an industry expert with more than a decade of experience in this industry say this perception again is absolutely wrong, primarily because we understand how important it is to creatively communicate a message or position a product in customer’s mind and the art a rendered image embodies to position the same. The best example here we can take is that of Apple, Apple has always showcase itself over the business of selling computers, tablets and mobiles it has positioned it’s products as a lifestyle statement one would want to lead; moreover to achieve this is way ahead than simply showcasing what an iPhone or iPad is capable of doing or its functionalities. It’s quite complex a task then it looks and this is the very objective rendering artists work day in and out to achieve.

Sky is the limit for both an artist imagination and the technology artists use to give its imaginations a visual representation in design. Going a step ahead sky is also the limit in case with targeted audience; specifically in case of the most targeted customers today the Millennial; it’s all about taking the imagination and creativity to the level where product image start speaking for itself and revealing something more than its functionality and features. Attractive representation in advertising is very critical but over and above representation when it comes to targeting Millennial population as their attention span is focused and dynamic an advertiser needs to be creative enough to convey the very crux of the product in the most appealing and creative way; if the advertiser is able to attract its targeted audience in the first glance the sale is done or else the game is already lost.