Latest Motion Graphics Trends

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Motion graphics
In today’s world of animation, motion graphics have taken one of the most crucial positions where designers can create it with a perfect balance between flatness and depth for a unique visual. Animations which are an important part of storytelling so designers are looking for a mix of 3d and 2d motion graphics where more attractive designs can be formed. Nowadays animated documentary has gained lots of popularity and even logos are being translated into Gifs, emoji, and icons.

Use of animated iconography

Nowadays there is the latest trend of using simple logos which can be created in more creative ways. New buzzing word ‘minimalism’ which means simplifying are used in logo creation and thus helps in creating more appealing and attractive ones. Static logos are no longer in trend so this concept is fading away giving rise to clean and minimal designs which can be further converted into the creative form of art. Such simplified iconography is used in many ways like in opening titles, keynotes or during the making of short promotional messages.

A perfect blend of visual and words (Kinetic typography)

One of the latest trends in motion graphics is all about the combination between words and visuals for not only promoting videos, promotions, anything related to the illustration of theories or discussing about any sensitive issues like racial discrimination or crime. Such versatile combination of duos (words and visuals) helped in making motion graphics as one of the latest trends which can help in explaining an abstract idea or outline lyrics of any popular songs.


Another latest trend is of virtual reality storytelling where animation interacts with viewers in a 360 degree as it gives them full potential with the arrows to follow the subjects. Thus makes viewers so much physically engaged that they pay the highest attention to get the story.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboards animation are equally popular these days because they provide viewers a fantastic way of explaining certain subjects. For e.g. You tubers used ‘Draw my life’ concept where any new products or services can be promoted or any social issues can be addressed in a subtle way. Even whiteboard animations are useful for instruction videos or any such related pieces of training.

A mix of 3d and 2d

Today’s trend of mixing 2d and 3d in motion graphics is one of the most popular concepts which helps creator in making cheaper production without losing appeal or quality of the video. Such videos are different from other videos which we see on daily basis. Thus they are quite often used in making an addictive game or any other complicated process.

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