Info Graphic And Its Importance Used In Business

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

There are many colours which reflect different emotions. While targeting for kids make sure you have the right target market as children’s prefer bright primary colour. These colors will always attract children’s the most.

Common Colour Associations used in business, sales and marketing campaigns

Red – Liveliness, conflict, threat, asset,

Orange – Enthusiasm, charm, cheerfulness, originality

Yellow – Happiness, illness, impulsiveness, contentment, intelligence, cleanliness,

Green – Development, agreement, remedial, security,

Blue – Constancy, unhappiness, Environment (The sky, the ocean, water), equanimity, gentleness, complexity

Purple – Royals, extravagance, luxury

Pink – Affection, passion, relationship, inactiveness,

White – Cleanliness, confidence, goodness, hygiene,

Grey – Boredom, despair, detachment, judgements

Black – Gravity, expiry, horror, malicious, secret,

Brown – Yield, firewood, brown, reliability, ease, reduction, the outside,

Psychologically putting info graphics keeps our brain actively involved into processing vast information in visual form. Research has proved that visual information processes our mind in positive way by absorbing more and more information. In an information-rich world where we are paying little attention to things, info graphics provide a psychological answer to all the mystery .Brands are now a days getting very conscious about visual content of their marketing activities .Info graphic have ability of converting complex information more engaging and logical for the people .Info graphic starts with bold and big headline that’s why fonts play important role in attracting their target audiences

There are few interesting tips for selecting right font style which makes info graphic more appealing to target audience.

Set the mood

It’s very important to understand topic and its relevant mood according to it. As header font generally set the topic so make its content totally accurate.

Set font size as simple

While using header font don’t overdo with it. And try to keep its body with simple second font which makes its article worth readable.

Understand a medium and then decide its font style

Firstly understand medium in which font is applied as font size for web design is different from designing a print. Try out font which works best and suites most appropriately. Graphic Design is totally different from simple charts .So consider info graphic as a poster and then try to express your information with the help of typography, icons and other design elements .Creativity is one of essential thing which stands out from other competitor and makes info graphic stand out from the rest .Try to make design more catchy, unique and creative also pleasing and engaging.