Posted on : Apr 26, 2021

In the construction industry, every real estate project passes through a different phase of construction which consists of a design phase consisting of different types of drawings like Shop Drawings,   Construction Drawings and As-Built Drawings. These drawings work as a lifeline for construction projects including Architectural drawings and specifications required for it. In the construction project, generally, shop drawings and construction drawings undergo many changes and thus As-Built drawings become necessary to avoid any minute discrepancies. As-Built drawings are just like final drawings and include minute changes that projects have undergone during the execution and planning phase.

Below mentioned are reasons which define the importance of as-built drawings in the organization:-

A) Facilitates repairs and renovation -In an organization, as-built drawings play an essential role in improving the company’s reputation and overall growth in the long term. These drawings consist of installed components and the final erected structure which can be renovated /repair if any need arises. Thus they work as construction drawings and shop drawings for any maintenance work in future

B) Works as clear documented structure-As Built drawings show the clear documented history of the buildings consist of electrical as-built, plumbing as-built and mechanical as-built drawings. The As-built drawings help in determining installed components, repairing them, locating them.

C) Enhances safety awareness-With the help of as-built drawings, safety management and process hazards analysis becomes quite easy to attain. Also, such drawings help in developing evacuation plans, contingency plans and install safety types of equipment around your building’s outer limits.

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