At C-DESIGN, we offer comprehensive designing solutions and specialized project management capabilities to help EPC firms, Contractors firms, Sheet metal fabricators in the successful completion of the building development projects. We utilize modern and leading technology tools for the optimization of the process without incurring additional costs. This will help to manage building design and construction projects right from the initial stage.

We offer the below-mentioned services for the Construction industry:-
A)MEP DESIGN-At C-DESIGN, our services work in proper alignment with the designing process right from idea generation, design to execution phase more effectively and efficiently. We mainly focus on increasing sustainability and clash-free installation and thereby help our clients meeting different technological, economic, and infrastructural requirements in the engineering industry.

Our detailed Precision and Conceptual MEP design services include:-

  • BIM Coordination with Structural Engineers And Architects
  • 2D Detailing for Fabrication, Assembly, And Piping Layout
  • MEP Conversion from Scanned/Hand Drawing Drafts Into CAD
  • Interactive Modeling and 3D Renderings For Client Presentation
  • 3D Modeling on Basis Of Building Requirements
  • 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting For Concept Visualization

B)BIM SERVICES-At C-DESIGN, we offer cost-effective and high-quality BIM solutions for our global clientele across various disciplines like MEPF, Architecture, Mechanical, and other structure disciplines. We are having more than 15+ years of rich experience in BIM solutions for all AEC stakeholders –Consultants, Architects, Surveyors, Engineering firms, Designers, etc. in more than 1000 construction projects.
Using the latest Revit technology, we deliver Revit drafting services, 3D BIM models, and customized building projects for suppliers and manufacturers for Commercial, Residential, Airports, Industrial, Healthcare, and other Mixed-use buildings. We cater to different BIM Sectors like

(1)Architects-We have rich experience of working with many renowned Architectural firms, Building surveyors, Designing firms and provided comprehensive BIM solutions across the globe. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest software like AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Sketchup, we are bringing experts from various disciplines like Architecture, Construction Engineering, Interior design fields for generating the best results in a limited time frame.

At C-DESIGN, we are having an expert team of Revit family creation designers’ that offer architectural designs which look highly engaging and effective. We only need inputs in the form of JPEG files, AutoCAD files, hand-drawn sketches/photos/pictures, PDFs, electronic files, etc for making efficient architectural projects for office buildings, housing plans, commercial complexes, and retail showrooms, etc.
Our various services like clash detection, Scan to BIM construction, precise quantity takeoff,3D modeling help architects in working in a better manner with the team members and thereby delivers successful project completion.

(2)Contractors-We are a specialized BIM outsourcing company that generates higher profits for contractors and thus provides them higher returns. General contractors use BIM-based presentations and simulations for their clients.BIM enables precise clash detection and allows off-site fabrication thereby improves yard management activities, reduces expenses and time factor
Our BIM services include:-

  • BIM MEP Coordination-Using advanced technology and the latest tools like AutoCAD MEP, Revit MEP, Sketchup modeling, we generate 3d coordinated MEP models for various construction projects.
  • Green BIM-In today’s time, Green BIM is gaining a lot of popularity due to different benefits like energy efficiency and sustainability as offered by this technology. This technology leads to better construction management, improves the use of natural resources, and reduces energy consumption.
  • 3D BIM Modeling-We offers comprehensive 3D BIM modeling services for architectural elements and structural elements. We facilitate the process of BIM coordination and MEP validation.

(3)Retailers-At C-DESIGN, we have delivered BIM services for various range of clients right from small scale retail outlets to international retail groups for management, construction, and design planning of retail store design project. We offer the following services like

  • Detailed floor plans for Retail stores
  • Floor plans for Retail Stores
  • Designing and Analysis for Retail Stores
  • Comprehensive Construction set

(4)Engineers-At C-DESIGN, we offer effective MEP BIM services for different projects like schools, residential buildings, commercial and infrastructure development. Majorly our services also include BIM drawings, design and 3D models with complete pipework, HVAC codes, electrical and safety plans to MEP engineers.
(5)Home Builders-At C-DESIGN, we provide dedicated BIM services for residential owners and home builders. Mainly our services consist of floor plans, design, and planning, BIM 3D modeling, and documentation. Our BIM projects include residential societies and complexes, palatial bungalows, and many housing schemes.
C)ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS-At C-DESIGN, We offer different services like 3D Exterior/Interior model design,3D floor plan, and 3D CAD models within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget. Using the latest technology, we specialize in 3D visualization, Design, and Architectural 3D Modeling services for Refurnished, newly built, Renovation, and Retrofit projects. Our detailed services consist of

  • Bridge Plan Detail
  • 3D Exterior Design
  • Furniture Product Design
  • 3D Concept Design
  • Landscape Drafting and Designing
  • Retail Space Planning
  • Building Model Design

D)STRUCTURAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS-At C-DESIGN, our expert structural engineers offer 3D structural detailing plans to help EPC firms, steel fabricators, and contractors. We offer the following structural designing solutions for educational buildings, as mentioned below:-

  • Roof Structure Design
  • 2D/3D Modeling For Different Building Structures
  • Plant Structure Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Retaining Wall Design Drawings
  • Structural Components Designs Like Shells, Plates, etc