How To Make Excellent Creative Vector Art Illustration

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

After interviewing many worlds’ renowned illustrators, one thing which is most important is for sure that whichever medium or software we select, the concept is one of the most prominent features in its making. Nowadays we see vector art in many forms like in magazines, books, and web or even in billboards where images help in conveying messages to the audiences

Vector art is all about graphics where mathematical algorithms are used either for scaling or helps in modifying images without loss of picture resolution. Such Images are quite easy in resizing or resealing for making it perfectly qualitative images.For creating vector art, many tools are available like CorelDraw, adobe illustrator or even freehand. There are mainly two types of files: vector graphics and raster which helps in giving different outputs.Among them, vector images help in making logos while bitmap or raster images helps in making lifelike images.

Vector art is made up of points which forms up as a line.And such lines intersect each other which get used for mathematical definition. And with the help of lines, we can get different dimensions like width, height, curve, ratio, and proportion. Such graphics render themselves in free space as they are made up of independent resolutions

Majorly designers prefer vector graphics in their designing work and following are its main advantages:-

The image never gets inaccurate: One of the essential elements in vector art is that images never get blurred or pix elated. When you enlarge any images, there would be no fear of getting it stretched. Unlike bitmap images which get jagged when it gets changed in its sizes.
Its quite simple to re-edit it: One of the essential factor ‘Time’ gets reduced when we work in vector graphic field. There is no need to edit the whole image, the only single part needs to be edited.Thus all elements in vector graphics are not required to be changed. Thus lots of time gets saved as you don’t need to edit the entire design and thus there are no hassles if any correction is needed. Colour, outlines are only needed to be edited instead of the overall image.
It is perfect for detailed illustrations
As vector art uses lines, it becomes quite hassle-free to create detailed illustrations as it helps in creating sharp looks with better resolution. This helps in presentation as compared to low-resolution photographs.

Vector graphics looks so clean, clear, and sharper after printing. In the process of logos making, vector graphics drawings which are made up of lines helps in making either small or large images. Any type of bitmap image will never go decipher even if we are changing sizes of the images whether making it bigger or smaller. Overall contents of the image will remain clear and clean without getting jagged or blurred.

They are scalable: – One of the most important features of vector graphics is that they are scalable. A designer will always look for scalable images.Some get smaller for a letter hand or even bigger for billboards. That’s why designers consider them as the best way for making logos or other designs because of this scalable property as images can be easily resized. Vector graphics also have certain limitation like if you reduce images then fine lines will be easily seen.

  1. Easy to create:– It’s very easy to create images in vector drawings as it provides audiences a simple, user-friendly and less complex method to create them but its output looks much complex. Some tools are a Corel Draw, Macromedia freehand and adobe illustrator are some of them which helps in making drawings much easier and audiences get so pleased by its output.