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Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

With increase in number of websites getting registered on daily basis its very interesting to see the digital trends shaping web designing platforms; under our creative services we have been working with number of clients across globe for their web designing needs including layouts, theme, menus, buttons and many more aspects. In this article we are presenting some of the latest web designing trends shaping up this industry since past couple of years.

First and the most extensively used web designing layout is Material Design layout. We have successfully executed number of Material Design web designing works on behalf of our clients since 2005 under our creative services. Google lead the storm of revolutionising the web designing aspect with introduction of their paper & ink inspired visual language ‘material design’, the Isomorphic effects such as padding, grid layouts, depth, transitions and responsive animation have not only powered Google interfaces but websites across the web.

Very close follower to Material Design in terms of trends in web designing is Flat design, similar to material design we have undertaken number of assignments where clients expected us to work on flat design as part of our creative services. Almost opposite to Material design, Flat design rejects all the isomorphic pretensions by demonstrating a digital aesthetic characterised by bright colors, sharp edges and flatness i.e. lack of depth. Specifically for people supporting minimalism in web designing, Flat design has proven to be incredibly popular.

The next in line trending web design layout are the card design layout. As the very name suggests it’s the design based on card layout, some of the social media sites like Pintrest are fully on card layout, we are seeing a moving trend towards card layout amongst other social media sites such as Facebook, Google and Spottily. Card layout design could simply be understood as simple card layout setting with onscreen information presented in the form of cards that can be stacked, flipped over to reveal the underside, grouped then spread out and vice versa. The best feature of this layout is that it allows for a non-hierarchical organisation of information, independent of device responsiveness.

Yet another emerging trend since 2015 is The Parallax Scrolling, it’s slowly and steadily gaining popularity. Under our creative services we have worked on number of parallax scrolling themes where the site’s foreground moves or scrolls at a different speed to the background giving the site a 3D effect. During recent times the early baseline effect has been taken above and beyond by sites that play with multi plane animation and multi-directional scrolling feature.