Concept Artist And Their Specialties

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

The main task of any concept artist is to generate ideas for audiences which never existed before and fit them into creative projects.Concept artist specialise into three main areas: Character design, environment designs and prop designs.

Character designs- One of the most important skills in concept art is character designs which is all about making designs on backgrounds and personal characteristic.The main principles on which they are based are

*) Style-Style or aesthetic always has deep impact on character formulation. Composition of character must be visually stimulating in nature .And this can be attained through contrast of form,proposition or shapes.For e.g. eyes are most important organ while defining characters personality.

*)Function – One of the most important element while framing any character design is all about following function .Human brain very easily understand any character with logical and simplicity.Shapes like circles or ovals often work best as the wire frame for a character because of their adaptability and visual frankness.

*) Personality –Major part of any characters personality is judged through physical traits and features.For grounded shapes always proposes cuteness because of the way they are generally related with children in our visual awareness. Big eyes set very closely together towards the centre of the face also improve this effect

Environment designs-The biggest challenge for any concept artist to think of a world and put that into real work through their art works.They should be quite flexible and quick in generating any type of environment even fanatic worlds.For this they need eye for great design. And not only understanding about basic objects like plants, animals, nature, geology but should even copy them in their art works through their own creative imagination

Prop design- In this type of speciality, designers are required to imagine objects from different angles and render them in details.The best way for prop design is to think about different styles of stoves, tables or anything from different angles and jot them down in their art works.