Benefits of 3D Product Designing over conventional prototyping / manufacturing

Posted on : Dec 20, 2019

With the advancements in technology space globally, customers today are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to mechanical or product manufacturing industry. This aggressive demand growth is the result of increasing trust and dependency on the technology when it comes to prototyping or manufacturing of any product physically. AT C-DESIGN, We have been working on number of such 3D product designs on behalf of our esteemed global clients under outsource creative services and outsource 3D modeling services.

While working with leading global clients in this space, we have realized some of the key benefits or the driving force towards 3D product design as under:

Virtual prototyping: 3D product designs today are able to eliminate or limit the cost involved in developing or making an actual physical prototype of any product. More importantly a virtual prototype could better highlight and help eliminating design errors at the design stage itself which ultimately saves the cost of developing physical prototype with faulty design. An accurately built virtual prototype could well represent product’s geometry, angles, assembly etc.

Increase customer appeal: One of the key benefits of using a 3D product design is to increase the product’s overall appeal to the customers; through 3D product description videos today many manufacturers are selling the products without any physical demonstrations to the customers. One of the key benefit of such feature is to expand geographic reach of the product, hence manufacturers could sell products online using such appealing product videos (without product demonstrations).

Enhance investor’s trust: Over and above customers, for manufacturers it’s very important to keep investor’s confidence and trust in their product intact. Specifically when it comes to new product conceptualisation and while attracting investments to initiate scale-ups, we have observed many of the manufacturers working on developing 3D product designs and engaging 3D product demo videos to attract investments. 

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