Basic guidelines to set up Residential Theater at your places

Posted on : Sep 17, 2019

Home theater is all about precise integration of different disciplines like Seating, Construction, HVAC, A/V, interior designing and definitely Acoustics so as to generate successful home theater or residential home theater. At C-Design we have rich experience of more than 15 years in drawings and designing Home theater and have successfully stumble upon any challenge thrown at us. There are basically 2 different types of Home theaters

  • Media Room-In Media Room, different features like Streaming Room, Large TV screen, fabulous sound system are incorporated so as to turn your family room into a media room
  • Full Blown Theater-It helps in giving full-blown movie theater experience with a screen and stadium seating arrangements

Theater Needs:-Home Theater needs following equipment so as to enjoy watching movies at home like

  • Movie Screen
  • Sound Proofing
  • WIFI for internet access
  • Sound system
  • DVD Player or Projector

Following are below mentioned a point which helps in deciding about Home theater set up ideas:-

VIEWING-The crucial part of any Home theater is the placement of high definition display screen so as to provide the proper combination of viewing angle and display size. The main excitement arises when it’s about matching viewing screen pleasure with the equivalent screen size but it should not increase beyond a limit or else it will swing your head.

Optimum distance-One of another important element known as optimum distance ranges where one should not sit closer than 8.5 feet from 60 inches wide TV nor should stay 13.5 feet away. Thus it determines the optimum distance between the screen and seating arrangements.

Perfect angle-Home Theater experts believe that viewing angle around 30 to 40 degrees is considered as most suitable display arrangement where comfortable and minimal eye movement occurs. In the case of multiple seating arrangements, make sure all chairs have an optimum viewing angle.

ROOM– Room helps in determining local set up like which may be an extra bedroom, living room or any basement movie space for setting up a home theater with sound quality and comfort. Apart from these, there are other factors also which determines home theater sitting arrangements:-

Room shape-It’s believed that the rectangular-shaped room helps in placing your main speaker and display screen along a short wall for best sound projection. That’s why always opt for such types of room

Flooring-Another important feature of flooring like a wall to wall carpet with pads underneath is considered as a salient element which helps in controlling sound in your home theater

Wall room color- Make sure to paint your wall room with bright color as much as you can stand. Instead go for tans, neutral brown or olive colours because bright colours may become distracting for bright lit screens.

SOUND- With the advancement in speaker technology, manufacturers are making superior quality of sounds and speakers which ultimately effecting residential theater sound reproduction into fine art. The main component is of speaker placement so that everything comes into your ears specifically at the same time.

Speaker placement-Generally placement of the speaker is kept 20 inches from the wall and never forgets to experiment because the best sound comes after trying different locations. Usually, a home theater is of 5.1 surround sound means having 5 full-range speakers and one low range woofer, the specialist. Make sure to keep your ears at the equidistant from the speaker. There are many other sophisticated speakers available in the market which provides millisecond adjustments called delays, it’s one of the versatile features which is available for the larger room when speakers are kept at the diverse and far distances

Woofer placement-Generally placement of woofer in the corner location helps in evenly distributing woofers sound equal but make sure to try different locations before deciding final position for the woofer.