Posted on : Oct 29, 2021

In any industry, modern techniques help in better coordination among different stakeholders. Below mentioned are some of the ways:-

A) Coordination between architects and engineers-For any organization, building plans should be as per the client’s requirements to achieve functional efficiency and appealing appearances. Also, engineers should ensure that design and drawings should be fully viable. And BIM models helps in creating no clashing elements between layouts of engineers and architects so that any problematic issues can be easily pointed out at the early stages

B) MEP contractors and architects-MEP contractors should be well aware of architect’s requirements to avoid any deviation from the original plans

C) Coordination between engineers and MEP contractors-Any building plans works as per the client’s requirements for increasing functional efficiency and effective appearances. Detailed BIM models may be used to decide time factors, generate schedules and estimate essential requirements. Thus it would give MEP contractors perfect ideas during the planning stage where all structural elements are placed at a perfect and efficient layout.

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