USDZ File Format – A New Way Of A Combination Of 3D Models Into ARKIT

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

IN WWDC (WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE) held by Apple in 2018, many new features are added in IOS 12 like the introduction of USDZ – as a new file format. This file format will provide new age experience on your iPhone or iPad to its users for any type of accumulation and broadcasting of augmented reality contents in IOS 12. USDZ is termed as Universal Scene Description Optimised which is useful for placing any of your 3d stuff into the real world using AR quick look. It’s useful for sharing a compact single size open file format. There are lots of new upcoming improvements in IOS 12 release like USDZ which is newly developed augmented reality feature AR which is developed by co-creator Pixar as an encrypted zip archive and zero compression of USDZ file format.

It has become one of the biggest advantages for developers who want to create a special AR environment for their 3d objects directly from Photoshop and dimensions. Following are its main specifications:-

USDZ is developed to work with USD runtime. Its base is its zero compression and encrypted zip archive which helps in creating 3d scenes by composing many base file together into consecutively larger aggregations.

File types-It consist of only file types whose data can be consumed via mmap by USD runtime. However, it will include fewer amounts of image formats and indigenous USD file formats firstly. The main constraint of USDZ file is its read only feature. Apart from this, if content needs to be edited then its requires to unpack the archive using suitable tools.

In relation to concerns regarding no single method representing textures/images as scene explanation encode in USD files, Apple and Pixar created unique file format named as .usdz extension which can be rendered as one object.

At C- DESIGN, we cater your needs and as per your requirements can create 3d models into USDZ file format.