The XGen Tool Used In Maya – Outsource Creative Services – Creative Works

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

At the BlueGFX Expo in London last year, Autodesk confirmed their innovative hair simulation tool, bountiful us a step-by-step tutorial in how to go about create enormous hair property in Maya with this innovative instancing system. So how accurately do it work?
XGen is establish under the Dynamics tab in Autodesk Maya. You go to Create/XGen/description, and provide it a project name. Pick groom able splines/create to create your original coat map. You can use the solidity slider to add to or condense the solidity of the follicles.

with the brush tool you can spread the hairs to build them bigger or smaller. You can fake them too, groom the hair to build it pursue the contour of the body, mounting out in special directions, just similar to real hair.

On a facial rig, you can add stubble, a moustache, a fuzz. You will normally do this on a divide mesh. Underneath the hair mesh will be the innovative mesh, which will boast its own casing shadier.
You container also use XGen to create other property, such as long grass wave the wind. You can use the equal system to broadcast trees in a scene, or grass over a pasture, or roof tiles on a roof.

So, next occasion you’re working on a personality rig, have a go at XGen and see what you can create.